Thursday, January 24, 2013


Burnt Grampians
Canadian tapestry artist Line Dufour has begun an exciting new project which includes a community type tapestry that is open to international tapestry and fiber artists to participate in. You can read the details of the entire project on Line's blog here. Fate, Destiny and Self Determination is a public page on Facebook where you can read updates about the project, including a list of artists who are participating. You should not need a Facebook account to read the page.
Each shape is around 4" or 10 cm.
I received my shape via email from Line last week and the deadline for the project is 1st January 2014. Shapes need not be only tapestry, it is open to felting, woven fabric, knitting, crochet and other textile mediums. I have only woven one shaped tapestry before, a small portion is the picture above. It is not difficult to weave a shape, or finish it off. So please don't be put off that it looks difficult.
I have a tapestry on the loom half woven that I over calculated the loom waste on. So there will be enough warp to weave my shape along with maybe a few others across the top of the tapestry. The only catch is that I have to finish the other tapestry first!

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