Sunday, January 6, 2013


New Year's resolutions, any good at them? I don't think I am, but I do have a big year of weaving ahead of me. Weaving a tapestry diary, I have tossed this idea over in my head since 2004 when Valerie Kirk was describing a long narrow tapestry to me at her exhibition 'Journies' held at the Ararat Regional Art Gallery. Made up of small squares in monochrome colours, Valerie described choosing the colours at random each day that she wove a small amount of the tapestry. I really liked the idea and admired the tapestry with its changing colour values. That is 9 years ago now! Weaving a tapestry diary has become popular and there are a few tapestry weavers making the daily commitment to weaving a tapestry diary throughout the year. Tommye McClure Scanlin, Janet Austin and Janette Meetze regularly blog about their diary experiences. Although tempted, I have decided to make a commitment to making at least a few passes each day on the current tapestry that I am working on. So far I have woven each day but there has been a huge amount of un pulling. My current small tapestry has 7 rows of tiny circles in the design running horizontally and 2 rows that are vertical! So far I have not progressed, as I still have not resolved how I am going to weave this tapestry. But at least I am at the loom every day!


  1. Hi Debbie, Happy New Year. A couple of years ago I mad the resolution to not have resolutions. I think I have managed to keep this one.
    I would love to be able to have something on my loom every day - I don't even have a loom organised at the moment although I want to do something for the AusNZ challenge. I'll have to get onto it - not an easy thing when the weather is so enervating.

  2. Hi Mary, Happy New Year. No resolution sounds good to me. I can't stand the guilt when I let things slide for one reason or another. But I always have a loom with a warp on it, sometimes several!


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