Saturday, March 2, 2013


Sometime I feel that the act of thinking takes more energy than the act of doing. My thoughts seem to graze from one project to another, without concentrating my energy into one project at a time. But I think that this is true of many tapestry artists, as the ideas flow far quicker than the process of the actual weaving. I have been working on some samples on my Stanly Dann loom trying out different warp settings and colour blends. I still have a tapestry in mind that I wrote about once before here. But the image is very complicated and I don't really feel like tackling it yet. It had been a very long time since I used my loom last and I needed to re calculate the loom waste along with a few other issues that I had with weaving on it. My loom has four shafts and it would be easy to get carried away with doing samples, maybe in twill or rose path. But that will have to wait! I am not happy with the small tapestry that I am working on at the moment as the scale is way too small for the detail I am trying to achieve. There comes a point where one needs to consider if it is worth continuing on with, or calling it quits. I am generally not a quitter but maybe this one is actually beating my skills as a weaver. I seem to un pull more than I weave.

Anne Jackson has just curated and new online exhibition on the American Tapestry Alliance website.

'The Power of Slow' features a thought provoking essay about the current relevance of working in the time consuming medium of hand woven tapestry. The tapestry gallery has some beautiful works by international artists.
Janet Austin (USA)
Jo Barker (Scotland)
Sara Brennan (Scotland)
Clare Coyle (Scotland)
Jilly Edwards (England)
Annika Ekdahl (Sweden)
Carmen Groza (Belgium)
Kari Guddal (Denmark)
Jane Kidd    (Canada)
Lialia Kuchma (USA)
Sue Lawty (England)
Philip Sanderson (England)
Christine Sawyer (England)
Sarah Swett (USA)
Kathe Todd-Hooker (USA)

Best go and do some actual weaving, Tess spends more time at the loom than I do!

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