Thursday, September 9, 2010


After thirteen years of drought we are now experiencing floods. Rain over the weekend was enough to see the Wimmera River flood at the highest levels in decades. A few weeks ago we walked out at Lake Londsdale enjoying the lake beginning to fill with water but it was amazing to see how quickly it filled after the weekend rains. Coen and I drove out there on Sunday, the first time Coen has seen the lake with so much water in it. Coen is thirteen now and only has memory of droughts.
This is a photo of the water level last Sunday, with the Mount William Creek still running the lake will have more water in it by now.


  1. Hi Debbie
    very interested in your blog, my wife and I will be in the Grampians next week. 1 Pom (me)and 1 Aussie on hols. We are doing the see my beautiful country trip. Wondered if you could say how bad the flooding is right now

  2. Hi the flood waters are down now, life is back to normal. Come, enjoy your time here, there is a lot that the area has to offer. Debbie.

  3. Hi Debbie - fabulous photo, beautiful colours!!
    It is good to hear that life is fairly normal for you after the flooding. Amazing to think that someone who is 13 years old has not seen much water in the lake in his lifetime.
    It seems as if the authorities have done well with the floods and the damage has been reasonably controlled.


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