Thursday, October 21, 2010


Limes with patterned backgroung
I have been planning to weave this design for what seems ages now. If I don't start something new it feels like I won't ever weave again! The tapestry will be the same size as the 'Teapot with Lemon' that was in my Graduate Exhibition and I have a frame the same size to mount it in.
Journal page
This is the page from my painting journal from when I was planning the painting. The background is the ottoman that matches the couch in my studio. There is no obvious repeat to the background design and you can almost drive yourself stupid trying to find one.
Inking on
I drew up the cartoon, almost started inking it on but realized that I was not happy with the placement of the fruit. I began drawing more of the pattern around the outside of the design and fiddled a bit with the angle of the fruit. I also cropped out some of the top of the tapestry and added more to the bottom. I am happy with it now but I know that the gold thread that I am using for the pattern is going to DRIVE ME MAD!

New Books
My bookshelves are overflowing and when visiting a friend in Ocean Grove recently Brenda sent me home with two bags of art books. How can you say no? These are two tapestry books that I bought in the last couple of weeks. The Henry Moore I have been waiting on for a while as it was in reprint. The new publication 'Contemporary Australian Tapestries' form the Australian Tapestry Workshop is available from their website here.


  1. Gorgeous design! I really have to buy the Aust Tapestry Workshop book - it looks awesome :)

  2. Hi Michelle, The new book from the A.T.W is worth buying but the Henry Moore book is fantastic as well. It is the best example of weaving with a soft palette that you will find. Well worth buying as well. Debbie.


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