Sunday, July 25, 2010


Our week in Warrnambool is finally here and we drove the two hours to Warrnambool today just in time to sneak a quick look at the Graduate Exhibition before the Gallery closed.
I felt a bit apprehensive as we walked into the Gallery wondering how the exhibition had been hung, if each artist would be given a space, or if the work was intermixed around the Gallery. The exhibition looks fantastic, each of the ten Graduating Students showing their own unique style which builds in the later years of study. My heart went in my mouth as I saw that the Velcro on the battens on my two large tapestries had began to unstick allowing the tapestries to hang forward at the top........something to resolve first thing tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations Debbie,
    I visited the exhibition and thought it was a fantastic venue and the work was all of a very high standard. I especially liked the smaller works that clearly reflected the larger works of each artist. Your work was outstanding.

  2. Thank you Mary, It was a good exhibition and many people commented on the bright colours and the standard of the work. Debbie.


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