Thursday, July 17, 2008


This is where I was up to on this tapestry in May. I needed to stop working on it to be able to complete my work for the Land Exhibition at Canberra. The weaving seems to be taking forever, alas I don't have the body to be able to sit at it all day.
This is where I am up to today. Only just past the half way mark! I spent a few weeks trying to weave for a minimum of four hours a day to try to get it finished. Four hours does not sound like a lot, but at times it is difficult to find. On the downside my hands are going numb again and that is the reason that this tapestry was not finished last year. When you wake up in the night with numb hands I think that I need to slow down my weaving time.
tapestry detail
The red in the tapestry is looking good and I think that it will be well balanced when it is finished. I added one darker thread in the apple on the left hand side of the plate to try and make a little bit more contrast between it and the pear. I suppose that the only thing to do is keep working at it and hopefully it will be finished by the end of the year.
The downside to working on a large tapestry is that they are not at all portable. Last week I made myself a new little copper pipe loom out of the half inch copper. This one I have made freestanding and pulls apart for transporting. Sometimes it is difficult to clamp them to a table. Especially when you visit friends who have beautiful cedar dining room tables!
I needed a small travel project so here it is. The Australian and New Zealand tapestry project for next year is titled "Tapestry Blues" I had already began this design and may consider submitting it, but it may be need for another exhibition in February. Time will tell.


  1. beautiful designs, Debbie!
    About the copper pipe looms--a former student made nifty "feet" of plywood for my 1/2" copper pipe loom. Using them makes it possible to stand the loom up. I put the feet on a small section of rubber rug gripper and it doesn't mar any surface it's sitting on.
    I'll be happy to post a picture to you, if you want.

    Sorry about your numbing of hands!!

  2. Hi Tommye, Thanks for the comments. I have tendonitus from working as a chef and have had it for about 13 years. Grasping bobbins numbs my hands. I feel that it is taking forever and would like to see it finished! Thanks for the offer of the photo's.... yes I would like to see them. I added a T piece at the bottom side edge of this loom and attached copper legs. I also added an elbow and a bar across the back. This has made it very stable and pulls apart to transport. The one thing that I did wrong is that I cut the copper joining piece to fit the T piece in the sides too short and when I put the seine twine floor in it slipped down as the sides would not hold it. Well you learn by your mistakes! Debbie.


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