Monday, July 14, 2008


It seems like so long ago now but I had promised to upload these images. After only two days at home from the Symposium in Canberra, Gerard and I made the trip to Warrnambool on the Friday for the opening of the Graduate Exhibition at the Warrnambool Art Gallery. The exhibition was the work of students from the Diploma of Art Tapestry, who had finished the Diploma in the previous three years. I did take photos of the exhibition but did not ask any of the students permission to post them here. So for that reason there are no photos.The Photoshop workshop was run by Cathy Hoffmann, Cathy is an artist and tapestry weaver who teaches the Diploma of Art Tapestry at Warrnambool Tafe. The class of about 15 students was a delightful mix of other tapestry weavers, quilt makers, artists and photographers. The first image is a photo that I took after I came home from Warrnambool of capsicums from my garden sitting on a hand painted plate that I have manipulated in Photoshop.
This collage has been made from five different photos. Some parts of the collage have been manipulated in Photoshop and others have been left in their original form. The red background has been manipulated from a photo of some Asian fabric with a little beaded book in the top left hand corner. The Geisha is a manipulated image and the rest of the collage is made up for different photos that I have taken at home.
One of the exciting aspects of Photoshop is that you can copy your layers into new images that can be manipulated in a totally different way. I have used a portion of the blue vase from the Geisha collage, added different filters and a dragon to make a completely different image. I like the contrast of the two different textures in the one image.
My favorite little Spider Orchids did not escape some changes!
 Cathy Hoffmann tapestry
The first few days of the workshop were spent working on exercises designed by Cathy to gain familiarity with the Photoshop program. Many of the tapestry weavers in the class questioned the possibilities of weaving a tapestry from images that had been solarized in Photoshop! The next morning Cathy brought in a tapestry that she had woven from an image designed and solarized in Photoshop. Cathy explained that the design had been made up from an image of a cross, raked into the wet sand at a beach and other photos of bones that had been taken at Lake Mungo ,an ancient dry lake in New South Wales.
Show and Tell
Friday ended with a wall of 'show and tell' It was fantastic to see the diverse range of images that had been created over the week. One student had used some of her drawings and erased parts and added filters and new colours. Another student had used photos taken of the bitumen in the car park. Family photos and travel images received new life. I have taken part in other workshops in Photoshop but it was an absolute pleasure to do the workshop with an artist rather than someone who teaches Photoshop from a more technical perspective. Cathy has such a wonderful creative eye for design and it was a most rewarding experience for all of the students.

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