Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This tapestry seems like the never ending project! This time you can see how much further I have to go to the top of the cartoon. The finished tapestry will be 1 meter wide by 80 centimeters high. The warp is number 12 and I am using 6 strands of 2/16's 9tpi, which is very fine. I dislike the texture of tapestry woven on a number 18 warp but this is taking forever so maybe I should start liking number 18 in the future? I was not happy with the colours that I had been using in the beginning of the apple so I ordered some more wool from Bendigo and dyed it using a milling scarlet which is more of an orange red. I unpulled all of the apple and am now using the new colours. This has worked out a lot better and I am happy with the progress so far.


tapestry13 said...

I just love these colors! And the bold, graphic design of the whole piece. Look forward to seeing it cut off.

Debbie Herd said...

Hi Tommye, thanks for the comment. This tapestry is on hold for a few weeks while I have other commitments.
I am so looking forward to getting this tapestry off the loom. It has taken way too long! Debbie.

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