Sunday, January 11, 2015


We have had some cooler days here...finally! I spent all day yesterday weaving trying to get a barley started piece finished this week. I don't know if I will make it, but it needs to be finished and off to the framers. I have to deliver my work to the gallery on the 27th January. That's the day after Australia day and what will be Coen's 18th birthday! When I picked Coen up from work last night the town was full of Parks and DEPI fire units all making their way back to their own towns after fighting the fire in the Northern Grampians this week.
My house faces the Grampians and I do have beautiful views of the sunsets. Last night the light became red and I rushed up to Big Hill to take these photos. In the past I would have walked up there and waited for the photo opportunity. But these days are busy and if I can make it up there it is usually at the final moments of glory.
The light changes quickly, the view from Big Hill is almost 360 degrees.
I am rarely disappointed by the spectacular view. We are still waiting for the final decision on the open cut mine to be announced. Hope that it will be soon.

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