Monday, January 5, 2015


It has been very hot here with the temperature on Saturday over 40c. We had no spring rains last year and it is very dry. A dangerous fast moving grass fire near Ararat at the weekend created a lot of devastation in its path. Tonight there is a large fire in the Northern Grampians.
The Grampians Ranges are at the end of the Great Dividing Range that begins in Queensland and travels down the east coast of Australia ,ending here in Victoria. The first photo shows the end to the right hand side of the photo.
These photos were taken form Big Hill tonight. The air smells like smoke and there has not been a day for weeks that the fire siren has not been heard at some point in the day.
We are a tourist destination with hundreds of thousands of visitors to the region each year. It seems a long time since we had a fire free summer.
As much as I love where I live the seasons are changing. It is getting hotter and much drier here. Significant fires occurring more often. And you can't deny that climate change is not real. 

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