Friday, May 24, 2013


I don't know where the time seems to slip by these days, maybe it is the colder weather slowing me down?
Last month I went up to Canberra to visit my friend Ruth and spend some time weaving on the community tapestry. The response from the Canberra community as been strong, with over 30 people participating in the free tapestry lessons that have been running at the Australian National University. Maybe the project feeds a sense of community spirit. Or are there a lot of people out there who want to learn the basics of tapestry weaving, without enrolling in a more formal tapestry course?
Ruth and I sent one full day weaving, my contribution is the row of seven squares on the left of the photo. It seemed to me that each of the volunteer weavers have a section in mind as to what they would like to weave. I loved sitting at such a large work. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to draw 'big'. Spending time at the loom has made me long for another 'big' tapestry, well big for me anyway!
It was interesting to work on this loom as the tension was so much tighter that I weave these days. There was no cartoon behind the warps, the colour design was hanging on the wall at the back of the loom. It is often distracting to the eye to not have something directly behind the warps. For some reason I did not have a problem with it this time.
We visited the newly opened National Arboretum Canberra I have been watching this project take shape for the past five years that I have been regularly visiting Canberra. The large sculpture is actually three words 'wide brown land' copied from Dorothea Mackellar's own handwriting. Part of her iconic poem 'My Country'.
Beautiful views across to the Brindabella Ranges. If you visit Canberra it is well worth putting aside and afternoon to visit.
I loved this eagle and its nest, perched on one of the highest points. The nest is made form recycled farm machinery and garden tools.
Views across to the city. It will be wonderful to see the trees grow, not certain if I will see them fully develop in my lifetime. I am planning to go back to Canberra to see the Turner Exhibition and Tim Gresham is to have an exhibition in Canberra so I hope to juggle my time so that I can see both exhibitions and maybe do a few more passes on the Community Tapestry.


  1. Hi Deb, great to see the community tapestry being taken up by novices. I thought the sculpture said Nerida! Well done in getting there to help.

  2. Hi Mary, the community tapestry is a fantastic project. Shame it takes an entire day to get to Canberra. The sculpture was too large to get all three words in the photo. When you stand further away it is easier to read. Debbie,

  3. I wonder if you know of the Irish community tapestry project in New Ross, Co Wexford. There will be 15 large panels depicting the Norman history of the area, stitched in crewel work, - over 150 volunteers have been working on them for several years and the completed ones are on display in New Ross, at the Ros Tapestry Exhibition.

  4. HI Pam, I did think that I had heard of that project before. But looking it up I was not familiar with it. Thanks for alerting me. Website here


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