Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Sfumato 1
I dragged out some of my old folios at the weekend to show Coen some of my drawings that he would not remember. I even found drawings that I had forgotten about. I have many large folio’s full of work and drawers full of large drawings as well. But they are all stored in the shed and I very seldom look through them. Maybe I should frame some of them, but then they are even more difficult to store. I have such a lot of un exhibited work maybe I can include some of it in my solo exhibition? I love sfumato drawings and have many. This one is done in ground pitt charcoal which gives better chiaroscuro to the drawing than using willow charcoal or ground graphite.
Sfumato 2
 Most of the drawing was done using a tissue, a few hard drawn lines and I used a kneedable eraser to take some of the paper back to white. I really love doing them but I spent an entire year only working in black and white, so maybe I just had enough at the time. But I hope to spend some time soon working on some more. They would not be easy to weave; I wish I could blend colour in my tapestry as easily as I can with charcoal!  
 Sfumato 3
This one is done using willow charcoal but I won't embarrass Coen by showing the drawing.


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