Sunday, January 1, 2012


Dogs Paharganj
It has certainly warmed up quickly here after lovely balmy days. Eating, drinking and making merry over Christmas and New Year and with the heat of summer, it makes one feel almost as sleepy as these dogs that I took a photo of in the Paharganj in New Delhi.

After twelve years of severe drought here it is so wonderful to have a flourishing garden again. You can almost sit out in the vegetable garden and watch it grow before your eyes. Lots of produce is ready to eat, fruit trees are laden with fruit. but the almonds are almost at the perfect stage for the Yellow Tail Black Cockatoos to remember the address of last years feast! The countryside looks wonderful with the lakes all full again. But with rain comes lush growth and the threat of bush fires is certainly on the minds of those living on rural properties and high bushfire zones.
It is difficult to concentrate to weave in the heat, but I have LOTS of weaving to do this year so I am trying to weave, even a small amount each day. I am using only mercerized cotton in this tapestry and it certainly behaves differently compared to wool. The black warp does not seem to be showing as the cotton packs down better than wool does. I have a deadline for this tapestry so rather than do the usual and rush to get it finished on time I hope to even maybe get it done early. If the heat allows that is? Wishing everyone a happy and creative 2012.


  1. Ooo, that's a tantalising glimpse of your tapestry! Happy 2012 to you too Deb ;)

  2. Thanks Michelle, I will post a photo of the whole tapestry after I post it for the exhibition.


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