Sunday, December 18, 2011

Debbie Herd Australia Yvonne Piggot Canada

Debbie Herd Australia, Yvonne Piggot Canada

It’s a quiet rainy Sunday afternoon here so I have been spending some time looking through some of my old digital photos. I have been looking a lot lately at how different exhibitions are hung and what work seems to sit well beside others. I am not certain if our group exhibition will be hung by the Gallery staff or if we will be expected to have some input about how we want it to be displayed or even help physically with the hanging. I have not been involved much in hanging exhibitions but I did help at the Ararat Gallery with the exhibition. This exhibition toured Canada and Australia in 2005 to 2007 The American Tapestry Alliance hosted it as their first on line exhibition and you can see and read more about it here. I thought that it is a shame not to share these photos as they show the postcards and artist statements together. It was pretty exciting receiving a tapestry postcard in the mail. Maybe there were some participants in the project who never got the opportunity to see the exhibition. Enjoy!
Val Kohler Canada Pam Hutley Australia

Val Kohler Canada, Pam Hutley Australia

Jane Kidd Canada Ines Parker Australia

Jane Kidd Canada, Ines Parker Australia

Sue Arvidson Australia Linda Wallace Canada

Sue Arvidson Australia, Linda Wallace Canada

Denise Stevens Australia Bonney Nichols Canada

Denise Stevens Australia, Bonney Nichols Canada

Marie Cook Australia Anne Clark Canada

Marie Cook Australia, Anne Clark Canada

Chris Jakku Australia Karen Leitch Canada

Chris Jakku Australia, Karen Leitch Canada

Lorraine Lamothe Australia Margaret Moore Canada

Lorraine Lamothe Australia, Margaret Moore Canada

Jean Farrington Canada Elaine Gardner Australia

Jean Farrington Canada, Elaine Gardner Australia

Antionette Carrier Australia Sharon Cameron Canada

Antionette Carrier Australia, Sharon Cameron Canada

Elaine Duncan Canada Dorothy Clews Australia

Elaine Duncan Canada, Dorothy Clews Australia

Barbara Heller Canada Marie Clwes Australia

Barbara Heller Canada, Marie Clews Australia

Christine Rivers Canada Joy Smith Australia

Christine Rivers Canada, Joy Smith Australia


  1. Wow, what a wonderful idea! Gorgeous tapestries and drawings, I love the personal quality of them ;)

  2. Glad you enjoyed them Michelle, It seemed a shame not to share them. Everyone stands out as an individual, it was a fantastic project. Debbie.

  3. I looove the narrative and visual poetry in all. It is inspiring! Great quality and the ideas are just fantastic. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Yes Ixchel, they are inspiring. I am glad that you enjoyed them.


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