Monday, November 21, 2011


Life has been pretty busy around here with lots of work in the garden and time spent thinking about up and coming exhibitions. Sometimes I feel that the act of thinking takes up more time than the act of making. When you make a decision to create a new body of work for an exhibition you need to somehow visualize what you are trying to express. Do you have a certain style of work? And is your work instantly recognized by others? What if you are trying to break away from that and create something that people who know your work maybe won’t recognize as yours the instant they see it? The late painter Margaret Olley always said “Be faithful to your own handwriting and don’t be influenced by others “I have been spending quite a lot of time writing a blog about food for one of my future exhibitions. So far it has been a rewarding experience as it has created a new dialogue between Coen and myself as number one he gets to eat the food, but he also helps to choose the photos and have some input into what I write. Coen did comment that what I write on my food blog is a lot more of what my personality is really like than what I write here. I have been priming canvasses and getting ready to start painting but after taking this photo in my kitchen for my food blog, it really made it stand out that I definitely have a certain style. So even after I promise myself that I would stop painting on black canvas as it it’s too difficult to translate into tapestry. Today I find myself ready to begin the day with a black canvass waiting on the easel!

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