Friday, October 28, 2011


They say that spring is a time of new beginnings, when nature wakes from a sleepy winter. The local forest has been a beautiful profusion of wildflowers this year with what has been our second wet winter in the past decade. Spring flowers in my garden have been spectacular and the David Austin roses have outdone themselves with an incredible display, bringing spring’s bounty with sweet perfumes in every room of the house. September 1st, the first day of spring was also my only living Aunt’s 100th birthday! What and incredible achievement, my Aunt only moved into assisted care after Easter this year along with her husband and if the gods are willing they will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary in January. When asked her secret for such a healthy longevity, as Aunty Rae has only been in hospital once in her life and that was this year. Her answer was, always keep busy and never waste your time worrying about things you can’t change.
rosehip tea
Letting go….. Along with longevity comes to many an end to being able to live in their own home and surroundings. I bought Aunty Rae’s tea set and part of it sits here on a tablecloth that my mother embroidered. Aunty Rae later told me that it was given to her as a present for her 21st birthday. Their home is now up for sale and the household furniture and chattels have been sold, but to Aunty Rae’s credit rather than show any sadness, she simply stated that they are ‘done with’ what has been almost 70 years of life together in their own home and the hostel is where they are today. I commented to my cousin Roy that his mother is a true Buddhist, don’t form any attachments and live in the present.
This week also saw the true realization, but something that I have known in the back of my own mind for a very long time and maybe just did not want to give in to. I also am “done with’ something that has been an incredibly big part on my life and a way to live my creativity. The industry that gave me chronic tendinitis is now one that I know I am unable to return to. Looking back there are certainly many things about the trade that I don’t think anyone would miss. The incredibly long hours, hard work, working holidays and weekends, never feeling that you had your own life as days off where always during the week. Coen’s father always said that the only time we spent a Saturday night together was when he came and washed dishes at the restaurant! So I think that this is a time that I should focus on the positive things of the past, the friends that I have made. The most amazing and creative work that I was given the opportunity to do. The pride that I can take in some of the Winemakers Dinners and other events that we did, knowing how much effort was put into them but also knowing that it was certainly appreciated by our guests. So although I don't know what I will be working at in the future at present I am working on my art. Coen has shown an interest in following me into the hospitality industry; maybe he can have my uniforms one day. But sorry Coen you won’t be getting my knives!


  1. In the wheel of Life, some things have to end so that others can begin ... I assume you have more time to spend weaving now? And yes, your Auntie has a fantastic attitude to life - good on her! ;)

  2. Good luck with the new life, it can be scarey, facing it. I gave up my career as a teacher and took on a textile and design course but that is now finishing - time to start again. But I now have more confidence and can see pathways leading into the future. I hope you find those too.

  3. Michelle, I thought that i would have more time to weave too!

  4. Mary, still don't know what I will be doing for a real job!


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