Thursday, May 5, 2011


Although definitely not my normal colour palette, I have been inspired by the Henry Moore tapestries to try something different from the normal choice of bright hues. I often listen when tapestry weavers get together and talk about the important need for different shades of grey? Blue greys, violet greys, green greys. plain old grey greys? I almost feel embarrassed to say that in my HUGE stash of wool that I have dyed over the years out of 160 different colours the only thing that I could find was 1 ball of white and one ball of black with nothing in between! There are a few more shades to dye which will happen over the next few days. I love the way that the shadow’s across the wool in the photo are grey as well. Once I wind the skeins into balls I can begin to weave some colour samples and decide how I am going to approach this new adventure.

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