Monday, May 23, 2011


Workshop view
I had the rare opportunity yesterday of viewing an exhibition of tapestries at the Australian Tapestry Workshop in South Melbourne. The workshop was open over the weekend which gave many people a chance to view the tapestries outside of working hours. We asked permission to take photographs and I asked if I would be able to publish them here on my blog.
I am grateful for permission, as I can share them with others who would never have an opportunity to visit the workshop.
Artist, Sally Smart 'Eye Desire'
Sally Smart’s ’Eye Desire’ has been completed but not yet cut off the loom. The tapestry measures 4.85 x 2.75 meters, commissioned to hang in the Royal Women's Hospital Melbourne.
You can see the original artwork that inspired the tapestry in the left hand side of the photo. I am not certain of the warp setting for this tapestry but I have never seen such a thick warp before. I don’t think that I would have the body to beat it down. The tapestry is certainly bold and should command attention when it is hung at the Hospital.
Christine Johnson. Mutabolis
Christine Johnson's 'Mutabolis' 110 x 202 cm is a stunning tapestry.
Mutabolis Detail
One of the strengths of the A.T.W’s tapestries is their use of colour blending. This tapestry is certainly a fine example of that.
Mutabolis Detail 2
The colours here are just gorgeous.
Ross Moore, Williamstown Tapestry
Ross Moore’s ‘Williamstown’ tapestry 197 x 300 cm is an absolute riot of movement and colour.
Williamstown Detail
Detail of 'Williamstown' tapestry.
Yvonne Audette Tapestry
A smaller tapestry on the loom by Australian abstract painter Yvonne Audette.
Artist Mark Schaller, Interior 2002
Mark Schaller’s tapestry 'Interior 2002' 82 x 58 cm
Artist John Young, Kenneth Myer Tapestry
John Young’s ‘Kenneth Meyer Tapestry’ 2.3 x 3.02 meters, commissioned to hang in the National Library, Canberra Australia.
Colour samples Kenneth Meyer Tapestry
Weaving samples for the 'Kenneth Meyer Tapestry'
Detail Kenneth Meyer Tapesry
Detail of the Kenneth Meyer Tapestry. I love John Young’s work, it translates so beautifully into tapestry. This is the second large John Young tapestry that I have seen on the loom at the A.T.W
Belinda Fox Tapestries
Four small tapestries by artist Belinda Fox I like the way the tapestry in the top right has been woven. Unwoven warps have been painted to blend in with the tapestry. I also liked the way that the tapestries were mounted directly onto the wall. Somehow it was less distracting to view small tapestries this way.
Andrew Cooks and Nusra Latif Qureshi Tapestries
Tiny and incredibly finely woven tapestries of Andrew Cooks on the left, alongside tapestries by Nusra Latif Qureshi
Unknown Artist and Title
Beginnings of a new tapestry. I am sorry that I did not write down the name of the artist so that I could share it here.
Unknown Artist and Title Detail
The Australian Tapestry Workshop has a new website and you will find them on Facebook here where the workshop often shares news and photo's of works in progress.
Along with a huge range of tapestry yarns The workshop has several publications showcasing their tapestries including Sue Walkers Artists’ tapestries from Australia 1976-2005 You can read the review of the book I wrote for the American Tapestry Alliance Newsletter on her website here.


  1. Amazing pictures! What a fantastic workshop - so inspiring!

  2. Hi Trekky, I always leave the A.T.W feeling inspired. The tapestries are spectacular!

  3. Wonderful post! Thank you very much for taking photos and sharing them! I live so faraway (Italy) and I guess I'll never manage to see them from real, but at least I got a glimpse of these amazing works!

  4. I visited the Workshop last year for the first time - it's magnificent, and so inspiration! Thanks for sharing the pics :)

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these photos. I have no idea when I might make it to Australia and these are so inspirational

  6. I am glad that you all enjoyed the photo's from the Australian Tapestry Workshop. Come to Victoria! there is no other city like Melbourne anywhere in the world where you can take yourself on a guided tour and see so many contemporary tapestries on public display. The A.T.W should be one everyone's bucket list! Debbie.


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