Sunday, November 8, 2009


This is where I was up to on the 15Th October. I decided that the white in the jug was too pale. Even though I usually use a pure white for highlights, this tapestry has a yellow cast to the over all tone, so I decided to replace it with a darker colour.
It was not difficult to un pull the weaving as it is woven straight up. If I had needed to un pull any of the rest of the tapestry, I may have decided to just live with it. But knowing me, the serial un picker I probably would have pulled it out.
Sometimes silly little details can take forever to resolve. I wove the highlight on the lip of the jug 3 different times trying to get it right. The stepping on the pear gave me a few headaches, but I am happy that I persevered to get it right as it is important that it sits well behind the jug.

If anyone is wondering why this tapestry seems to be taking longer. This is what my bobbins look like

This is how they pull through the weaving. The linen has NO GIVE and wont unwind off the bobbin the same as the wool. I have needed to correct it so many times it almost seems the normal way to weave now. I have not added the language that I that I have been using!
There is a tiny black out line between the lemon and the leaf in the design.
I felt strongly that I needed to keep it in the tapestry to create a shadow, so I have outlined it with soumak.
Some days when you are rushing towards a deadline it is better to look down, rather than looking at how much is left of the cartoon!
This is where I am up to today. I have woven 42cm across the entire 1 meter of tapestry since the 13Th October. I am uncertain about the shape that I am weaving now so I decided just to weave it up to the top without worrying about the colours. Just concerned about the shape at the moment. I have roughly outlined the shape so that I can decide what I will do. I think that it is good to show your failures , not just your success's.
I did un pull the shape and the one on the left as well. I wove it according to the photo and the cartoon but it appeared to have a dark line straight across, so I changed the shape. I un pulled the purple up the left side of the leaf and resolved the yellow shape as it looked odd in tapestry although it is fine in the painting, sometimes things just work out that way.
I have been away and resolving issues takes time so this is where I am up to this morning.


  1. Thanks Jennifer, it has been a nightmare to weave. I am loving the colours, very different from my normal pallet.
    I have some good detail photos and will post them next week. I plan to update this post next week rather than write another one. I posted this for my lecturer to see but I did not realize she is away till next week. Rather than confuse her with two different posts, I plan to edit and update this one. Debbie.

  2. i love seeing this, it has been so long since i had a major weaving project going.

  3. Thanks Jude, tapestry is so slow, maybe it will inspire you to weave? Debbie.

  4. This is super cool..never thought it could be home made like this:-)


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