Thursday, October 29, 2009


Limes with patterned backgroung
I don't know how this year has disappeared so quickly? I think that we spent most of it in a flu induced coma here. I always seem to have a panic attack the moment I see Christmas cards in the shops. I bought two frames the same size, one to frame the 'Teapot with Lemon' tapestry and the other with the intent of weaving this painting.
I have drawn it up on paper to paint in gauche but I need to spend time weaving, not painting. I have always liked this painting and so must others as it is the most viewed of all my small paintings that I uploaded on to flicker. I bought some gold metallic embroidery thread to weave the background pattern with. It has very little give in it. But considering the struggle that I am having at the moment with the linen I am using in my current tapestry, I think that I am up to the challenge! I like the rhythm on the background pattern and may change some of the green tones in the leaves in the center. The complexity of this tapestry should compliment the simplicity of the other when they are hung together.


  1. Hi Debbie I ahte seeing Christmas directions earlier and earlier. It's like where did the year go? I use gold and silver threads in my tapestries. I find that if i mix them with a thread that I know is staple they weave with fewer problems. I am in the middle od designing a new wool tapestry. I love your bold colours.

  2. Hi Kathe, thanks for your comment. The linen that I am weaving with is driving me mad at the moment. I dye my wools but when I weave small tapestries I use the V.T.W wools as they are softer and give a better surface to small tapestries. I hope that it works, maybe I should weave something that I know is not going to be a struggle first, just for some stress free weaving. Debbie.


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