Saturday, October 17, 2009


This photo was taken at Ellery Creek Big Hole, in the West Mac Donnell Ranges. We drove out there on a Friday evening planning to stay the weekend. Saturday morning the wind came up and our tent changed into so many different shapes before our eyes, we decided to take it down while it was still in one piece! The West Mac Donnell Ranges are spectacular just like the paintings of Fred Williams , with their colours and sparse vegetation. The waterhole was freezing, we laughed while we watched 3 young German girls deck themselves out in their bathers and barely hit the water before jumping out yelling and screaming about the cold. Gerard braved the cold and can be seen as the small dot on the water in the photo's. The first group of photo's were taken at Simpson's Gap about 27km from Alice Springs. Water is so rare in the desert and there are many dry rivers and creeks. A little rock wallaby came along while we were at Simpson's Gap and dug down in what looked like a dry creek bed to get a drink. Alice Spring is a wonderful place to visit but you would need to stay at least a month to have the time to explore all there is to offer in the area.

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