Saturday, October 17, 2009


Kata Tuja can be seen on the horizon from Uluru, spectacular with their rounded forms, but very different in the way that they catch the light as they are a conglomerate rock formation. The weather was kind to us as the days were mild, much better than walking around in the heat. It will only be a few more weeks before the tourists disappear, as the weather turns unbearably hot. Kata Tuja has such a nice feel to it, not as huge and imposing as Uluru. After walking around close to the rocks we returned to the car park to see an almost full moon rising. Quite spectacular! There is a viewing area where I took these sunset photos from. Altough taken only a few minutes apart each one is different.
Stanley Chasm is in the West Mac Donnell Ranges. Only a short and pleasant walk from the car park. The colour of the rocks are brilliant and I had never seen Cyclades growing in the wild before. The native eucalyptus have such white trunks and stand out against the oranges in the rocks. The last few photo's show the different textures that mother nature offers us.

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  1. Most lovely post. I love all the photos, Have friends from here, (Alabama, US) spending a month there in your lovely country, and am anxious for them to come back and share their adventures.

  2. Lovely photos. I have friends visiting your lovely country from here (Alabama, USA)for a month, and can hardly wait to hear of their trip.

  3. Wonderful pictures - I would have enjoyed being there with you!

  4. Hi Anonymous, Sue and Jennifer, the outback in Australia is the most amazing place. You can't love the environment and not be moved by it. I would have stayed longer but alas I am in my final year and if I hope to pass I need to be at home to weave. May go back in December if I get my work in and come home with Gerard but it will be hot here as well by them and I really need to be here to water my garden. Come to Oz we love visitors! Debbie.


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