Monday, September 3, 2007


Spring is here and the days are beginning to become warmer. The local wildflowers are blooming in the forest beside where I live. Spider orchids are difficult to find as they are so small and becoming more rare. The tiny green hood orchids are already finished and only seem to put on their wonderful display for a few days. I only managed to take one good photo of the spider orchids as it was very windy, so I have added a few photos of them that I have taken in the same spot in previous years. The orchids are so precious that they are covered with sticks by the Park Rangers to stop the kangaroos jumping on them. Small pieces of wire are placed into the ground where they grow to mark them and chart their progress and sadly their disappearance. These photos were taken at Three Jacks Flora and Fauna Reserve. A small area of the Ironbarks Forest that is fenced to keep out animals and allow natural regeneration and to preserve the local flora.

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