Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Bunjil's Shelter
Bunjil created the land and the water, the plants and animals, the laws and religion of the Koori people.

Bunjil remains the protector of the natural world, his people and their beliefs.

Bunjils shelter was victim to the New Year's Eve Wildfire in 2005. On Saturday we spent the morning walking the hills beside this rock art site situated 10km from where I live. The bush is regenerating and covered in green grass after the rain. It is always good to spend time in this area and it is an attraction for artists to come an paint as there are many large boulders and wildflowers. The views are spectacular across to the Grampians and lakes. It is good to get away from the loom and move the body as sitting all the time is not a good practice. But I must admit if my partner was not so fit there is no way that I would have climbed to the top of the hill. A gentle stroll is more my style!!!!

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  1. Hi Debbie, I found your blog because you've got me in your bloglist - thank you. I love your rock photos, especially the petroglyph or pictograph (I can't tell from the photo). And your tapestries are beautiful - I admire your patience working in this mediium.


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