Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I don't think that you could weave tapestry and not be in love with colour. The intensity of colour and subtle blending is difficult to achieve in other media. People often ask me why spend hours weaving a tapestry just to produce the image in a different medium?? A tapestry can take weeks or months to produce from an image that only took a few hours. But when you make a mistake and UN pull a whole days work it can feel like you are getting nowhere. I was trying my best to get this tapestry finished and realized that I had woven a line across the leaf in the wrong place!!!! I always pull out areas that I am not happy with as it would always nag at me that I did not fix the problem. Tapestry is a huge commitment of time effort and for me bouts of frustration so I always feel that you should not get to the end and wish that you
did it differently. Maybe it would not have mattered if I had left the leaf how it was, as the shape and tone was OK but I did UN pull a reweave the leaf.This has set me back two days of weaving.(I am a slow weaver) I am happy with the way that It is looking and the colour is fantastic,
rich and intense and una
ble to produce in paint! So back to more weaving.

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