Tuesday, March 27, 2007


After weeks of dyeing samples, the 100gram skeins of wool are now all dyed and wound into balls for my next tapestry.

Winding the balls seemed to take forever 19, 100gram balls of the finest 2ply yarn. That must be a few miles?

The cartoon is now made and ready. The loom is warped and today I began weaving the hem so that I can begin to ink on the design. The inking on may take a few days as I find it difficult to sit for very long at a time at it.

Well I feel like some progress is being made and look forward to starting the actual weaving. Making any kind of art is time consuming but a tapestry can seem at times, to take over your life. I know from past experience that with drawing and painting, you can make progress in a weekend if you are behind in your deadlines. BUT if you have a goal or deadline with a tapestry, like trying to weave 1cm per day. If you get behind, then there is no FAST WAY TO CATCH UP!

1 comment:

  1. Debra, I think you have done well with your tapestry weaving. I think
    it would be hard to dye
    all that wool, especially
    because their is about three different types of green.


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