Thursday, March 15, 2007


After day's of dyeing samples of wool for my large tapestry and trying to get the correct shade of green, I am beginning to wonder, did the Medieval Masters get it RIGHT???

I love these old tapestries with their limited palette of colours and the use of hacture to gain the visual effect of colour blending.

The limited shades of green used in this tapestry shows the great achievement of the weavers in such a beautiful use of a limited colour palette.

This William Morris tapestry is one of my favorites and there is a version of it in the collection of The Art Gallery of South Australia. I don't feel that this picture does justice to the actual beauty of this tapestry.
Last year when I was in Adelaide for a week I went on three consecutive days to view this tapestry. Each day that I spent there looking at the technique and use of colour and each day I left with a sense of amazement of the beauty that abounds in this tapestry.

I feel now that I have dyed all the samples for this tapestry that I am going to do and now it is time to get on with dyeing the 100gram skeins of wool that are waiting to become a part of my next tapestry.

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