Tuesday, March 13, 2007



I have been working on the design for a large tapestry 100cm x 80cm and am in the process of dying the wool that I need to get started. So I have decided to begin a smaller tapestry 35.5 cm w x 28.5 cm h so that I have a tapestry to work on and gain a feeling of some sense of progress at this time of the year. In the design the violet has become quite blue looking so the photo's that I have taken of the tapestry, I did not use a flash. The photos are a bit brownish but give a more accurate description of the true colours.

I had ordered another 20 bobbins so that I could start my large tapestry but there are quickly being used up as I have another large tapestry on a loom that I am working on so that I can use my bigger loom for Tafe work later in the year?? Maybe that will have to wait for the end of year holidays??

In this photo you can see the cartoon behind the tapestry.

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