Friday, February 23, 2007


This small tapestry is 20cm x 20cm and was woven for an exhibition called 'Celebrate the Wall' held in Warrnambool in July 2006. All past and present students of the off campus Diploma of Art ( Tapestry ) course were invited to weave a 20cm square tapestry for the exhibition. The design brief was "During the time that I studied at TAFE I was amazed that I had......................."

The title for my tapestry is "I was amazed that I had developed a passion for still life"

Fifty Four past and present students took part in the exhibition which was held at the Warrnambool Art Gallery.

The exhibition was part of 'Celebrate Tapestry' a week packed full of tapestry exhibitions, lectures and workshops to celebrate 20 years of South West Institute of Tafe's Tapestry couse.
Tapestry Detail


  1. Debbie your work is rich and colourful and it expresses your true nature. The tapestries are ablaze with color. They just leap out of the website like tigers here but they also have a warmth created by the combination of hues.

    They blend well also like a seamless web. Congratulations

  2. Thank You Tai for your positive comments. When you look at my work now it is hard to imagine that for years my work was all in black and white but mainly shades of GREY!!

  3. Yes Deb,

    we must see our our own art as a continuous reflection of our own selves.that which is attaining perfection slowly.

    Our art is a very honest reflection of who we are and what our spirit is.

    Having said this we must as artists remain detatched from our ego/art and see everything as a journey towards light and perfection.

    Remember we in this human form can never be perfect.There is only the perfection of nature.


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