Sunday, February 3, 2019


Mirka Mora PAS DE DEUX—DRAWINGS AND DOLLS is an exhibition currently on display at Heide Museum of Modern Art. Originally the exhibition was to celebrate Melbourne artist Mirka Mora’s ninetieth birthday. Sadly Mirka passed away on 27th August 2018, two months prior to the exhibition opening. Mirka has been one of Melbourne’s best loved artists. Mirka immigrated to Australia from France with her husband Georges in the early 1950. The couple had several successful restaurants. Tolarno, famous for the murals painted by Mirka that cover almost every inch of the walls. There are many public works around Melbourne including a large mosaic at Flinders Street Station. Looking through the many photos I took I have decided to divide them into groups.
Sketch books. Like other artists I treasure the opportunity to look through artists sketch books. There were many on display, sadly in glass cabinets so photographing them was difficult. I won't talk about each of the works, I feel that the images are just to be enjoyed.

In 1970 Mirka began making soft sculpture dolls. At the time her son’s were living apart from her, after her separation from her husband Georges. I feel she felt that they were substitute children in a way. They range in size  from tiny to quite large. 
Mirka first began drawing seriously in the mid 1950’s encouraged by other artist friends. Drawings over her long life Mirka filled hundreds of sketch books. Although the artist also drew many colourfull works it is the charcoal drawings that I love the most.

It was not until I looked a this work on my computer screen that I noticed a self portrait in the top left hand corner. If you would like to learn more about the artist there is a wonderful old article here.
Mirka Mora PAS DE DEUX—DRAWINGS AND DOLLS exhibition continues until 24th March 2019.

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