Saturday, August 4, 2018

Ararat Gallery TAMA

Kate Derum 'In the Heat of the Moment' 1998
After years of planning and closure of the gallery for extensions and complete renovations, Ararat Gallery TAMA reopens to the public today. Ararat Gallery holds the largest collection of textiles in a regional gallery in Australia. Unlike other galleries who also include textiles in their collections, Ararat have for many years have only collected textile based works. The gallery now has a sub collection TAMA, Textile Art Museum Australia. With the expansion of gallery space there is now a dedicated area to showcase the collection. As the current exhibition 'Kylie on Stage' is so expansive in size we will have to wait to be able to see items from the collection showcased in their glory.
Earlier this year Horsham Regional Art Gallery presented and exhibition ' Enmeshed: Woven artworks from the Ararat Regional Art Gallery Collection'
   Marcel Marois 'Mutation - Temps : Bleu, Gris, Blanc, Rouge' 1994-1996
Showcasing many of the galleries finest works it was interesting to see them displayed in a different gallery setting.
 Sara Lindsay 'In-Between #2' 1999
I am just going to share some images from the exhibition rather than write about each piece.
 Olga de Amaral 'Coraza En Dos Colores' 1973-1974
 John Corbett 'Hammock' 1974-1976
 Kay Lawrence 'House-Self'' 1989
Tass Mavrogordato 'It's different for girls' 1993
I have always loved this detail of the tapestry.
Kate Just 'Paradise' 2006
Ann Greenwood I don't have a title for this piece but I will add it later.
Roma Center 'Basic forms in Black and White' 1975
Douglas Fuchs 'Kurrajong Totem' 1981
As you can see from the images the gallery has many impressive works by international artists along with many well known Australia artists.
It is going to be a busy weekend of celebrations if I get a chance to take some photos I will share them soon.


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