Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Each year the Australian Tapestry Workshop participate in Open House Melbourne. It is always a great opportunity to visit and see what is currently on the looms.  A recently finished tapestry.  'Life Burst' Designed by John Olsen. Wool and Cotton and measures 1.09 X 5.5 m. Commissioned for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.
 Detail of 'Life Burst'
 Close up of colour blends.
There are a lot of cottons used for the weft in this tapestry, giving it a rich surface of saturated colour.
There is an album on the A.T.W Facebook page showing the making of this tapestry here
The current tapestry on the loom. 'Perspectives on a Flat Surface' Designed by John Wardle Architects. Woven in wool and cotton the completed tapestry will measure 1.92 (H) x 3.84 (W) m
Possibly one of the most difficult to weave tapestries the workshop have undertaken. You can watch the progress of this tapestry here.  
Cartoon for 'Gordian Knot' tapestry. Designed by English artist Keith Tyson for a private commission.
The tapestry although completed, is still on the loom. A brilliant example how colour in hand woven tapestry surpasses all other mediums.
Unbelievably complicated in design, it would have been a lot of fun to weave.
As someone who has a dreadful fear of snakes, I can appreciate how beautiful this one is.
The tapestry measures 2.4 x 2.4 m and is woven in wools and cottons.
Loved the roller coaster. Photos of the progress of this tapestry here.

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  1. They are both absolutely stunning, thanks for sharing.


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