Thursday, April 16, 2015


H 20cm X W 20cm  
Cotton warp, wool and cotton weft.
I suppose that this post may be considered a follow up to this post. Regarding good quality photos of your work.
Yesterday, completely out of the blue, I received an email from the Editor of a well known textile magazine, asking for good quality images of some of my tapestries. Surprised by the request, and a bit apprehensive, I replied to the email. Well yes I can send you some images, but what resolution are you asking for?
Why the apprehension? Imagine a family of two. Two laptops, 1 desk top. two Microsoft surface tablets and 1 and about to be 2 smart phones. Shared files across all gadgets..... not too many!
Take yourself back to this Sunday morning, In my usual routine, I turned on the desktop computer in my studio, only to find that my computer monitor suddenly died!. Files backed up....Yes, cord to connect my laptop to use as the!  
In the first thought that went through my mind were...damm, another expense, followed quickly by....what is on there that I actually really need now?
I responded straight away to the email...... yes here are some images, resolution 700 pixels per inch. If you require a larger size, please let me know?   
Why 700 pixels per inch?... that is the size that I use for my blog and onscreen viewing. When asked for a photo to advertise a recent exhibition, that was the size that I sent to the Gallery. You can see an on screen photo of it on the 'art guide Australia' website here. 
While preparing for a recent exhibition, I created a folder in 'Dropbox' of all of my tapestries in a resolution of 700 pixels per inch, along with a word document to record, titles. materials. sizes and the years the tapestries were made. In a not so complete folder, I uploaded the original photo file that these were made from.
In the past, when you met a new artist, it was common that they would produce a small photo album from their bag.... this is what I have been doing. 
Now it is far more likely that the said artist would produce a tablet or smart phone and scroll through the most recent entries.
Life has changed and the necessity of having files on hand....especially if you travel, need to be accessible at the toss of the hat.. or an unexpected email in your inbox.

I feel that an essay to address this, will be coming soon!         


  1. It's so tricky, when I was asked to write an article for Ashford's Wheel Magazine, they asked for images at least 1500 pixels ... I had to re-take pictures, as I didn't have anything suitable! Since then, I have kept the original larger pictures in one folder, then smaller versions in another ;)

  2. Hi Michelle, the ATA require photos for 'Tapestry Topics' to be 1500 pixels on the longest edge. The point that I was trying to make is do you have your photos in a 'cloud' type storage so that you can access them if you are not at home. Or in my case on the right computer!


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