Friday, April 10, 2015

Jean Paul Gaultier at the NGV

It seems like a long time ago now, but I did get to Melbourne for the day to see the  Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the NGV. In now what seems like a past life, I made all of my own clothes. So there has always been an interest in fashion and Gaultier, along with  Vivienne Westwood rank in my favorites.
It was interesting the way that the exhibition was set up. Once in the main gallery room you were greeted by the man himself, welcoming you to his exhibition. All done by a projector focused on the mannequin of him. Throughout the show many of the models had faces with eyes that followed you around the room. Some even had conversations with each other about the audience. Some comments from gallery viewers were that it was a bit spooky, others thought it just straight out clever.
Definitely not street dress for a conservative town like mine, but I loved some of the details.
A different version without the skirt.
It seems that the designer favors this soft pink, as it features in many of the garments.
This stunning dress, and yes pink again, was made from satin ribbon.
Exquisite construction.
Beautiful detail.
You could have your own front row seat at the fashion show.
At times a little more exposure than asked for.
A runway favorite due to the clever use of buttons.
 The buttons were sewn into the seams of the dress. Each button exposed a little more until a full reveal towards the hem.
Buttons featured on the back yolk and cuffs as well. I don't know how comfortable it would be to sit down in. The buttons would make the garment very heavy I would imagine.
Some Punk inspired denim.
Another model making faces at the audience.
The ultimate combat dress.
Some Punk tartan.
One of my favorite outfits. Look at the way the pleats are made to fit the body.
Parts of the lower skirt reveal a different tartan in parts.

Another dress make from silk ribbon.
Printed to look like film strip.
Some amazing hand knits.
A Mongolian inspired coat.
I rather like the plastic one.
The combination of knit and crochet on this dress still has me puzzled as to how it was constructed?
I think it was my all time favorite garment in the exhibition.
Ending with the most exquisite dress worn by Cate Blanchett.
 Detail, beautiful.
Colour, perfect!

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