Sunday, April 6, 2014


Is there anything that breeds quicker than folders of digital photos?
I am having a quiet time this week, so I decided that now is the time to deal with all of my digital photos.
I used to be good at keeping them in order........that was when I only had one computer! Now I am using two different computers, both with back up systems just in case my computer decides to die on me. But they both have different files on them! When I used old fashioned film, I think I took a lot more care in what photos I took. Making certain that I was happy with the composition, especially if I only had a few photos left to use up in the camera. Point and shoot takes on a different attitude, regardless if I want to admit that of not. Photos seem to breed like flies! Maybe it is just me, but time has come to deal with it!    
Humm...this could take a while!

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  1. I advise backups. I accidentally deleted my whole iPhoto library a couple of years ago and they were not able to be retrieved. So now I back them up but lost track of where the latest backup is and whether that backup is the same as the previous one, and where did I do that again??? I agree, digital photography engenders much different attitudes to picture taking. But they you can play with them in digital manipulations programs and that is fun.


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