Sunday, February 23, 2014


Seven years ago today I uploaded my first ever blog post. I suppose it is happy birthday to me! But wow where has that time gone? For someone as talkative as me I have only published 198 posts in seven years. Seems I am not that talkative after all! Blogging for me was a means to an end, publishing my assignments to Tafe. I would never had considered writing a blog otherwise. At the time I could only find two other tapestry bloggers. How things have changed, there are now so many it is difficult to keep up with reading them all.
I have always been a single mother and Coen would have just turned ten when I started writing this blog. I began with the policy that there would be no photos of either of us, as I wanted to protect our privacy. Considering that Coen is now seventeen and a financially independent young man, I suppose that rule no longer applies. There are many people who read this blog and maybe know a bit about me, but if I am at an exhibition opening or other tapestry event they have no idea who I am as there has never been any photos. So I suppose today is a good day to come out of the closet. This is a photo from 2010 of Coen and I at my graduate exhibition at the Warrnambool Regional Art Gallery. 

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  1. That's a lovely photo - and congratulations on your blogiversary!!

    It's a fine line between privacy and getting yourself 'out there' to promote your art. People love to see the face behind the work ;)


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