Sunday, November 3, 2013


I had a day trip to Melbourne on Friday to meet up with  Gerda van Hamond at Hawthorn studio and gallery to see Gerda's exhibition 'The Magic of Colour' What an amazing made me want to rush home to the loom! melbourne
My next tapestry that I am planning to weave is a brush and ink drawing. I have been spending time thinking about how to approach the weaving, as it has the effect of water colour in areas of the design. With some spare time to fill in while waiting for my train home I decided to go up to the Arts Centre and spend some time looking at the Mary McQueen 'Pavilion Suite' tapestries. A suite of four tapestries each measuring 1.8 x 3.35 metres.mary mcqueen tapestrie detail
I had seen this suit of tapestries on the loom at the Australian Tapestry Workshop around 1984. Up until then most of the tapestries that I had seen on the looms had been quite bold and colourful. I was really interested in how they were interpreting such soft water colour designs. 
It has been a busy week, catching up with friends at the Ararat Regional Art Gallery  my friend Pat wrote about our day together here and trying to get some of my own work done. I am in awe of Gerda's output after seeing her solo exhibition and then seeing that Annika Ekdahl has just finished here amazing tapestry. It makes me wonder where time goes and what some people manage to produce! Maybe it is just me wondering what really eats up my own time and how I could better manage it?
Instead of weaving this morning I spent some time reading a new online exhibition curated by  Sara Lindsay  that has recently been published on the American Tapestry Alliance website. Down South: Tapestry in Australia Enjoy!


  1. Hi Debbie, I was at Gerda's talk too. Wasn't it wonderful? I really like to hear what was going on in the mind of the artist, it usually makes the work so much clearer. One day we will be at an event together and actually find out who each other is and be able to say hello.

  2. HI Mary, I did not go to Gerda's 'floor talk' but met her at the gallery on the Friday. The exhibition was just brilliant I thought. Yes one day we will be at the same place at the same time! I look forward to it, Debbie.


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