Friday, August 30, 2013


The days have been cold wet and dreary here for weeks, but Spring is coming!
The Golden Wattles in the forest beside my home are in flower, along with the Green Hood orchids. You have to look hard to be able to find them as they are so tiny.

Soon there will be more many more varieties of wildflowers and warm and sunny days to look forward to.
My current tapestry is on 'hold' I have the hem woven but am waiting for some cottons so that I can begin the real weaving. Sadly I have been notified that the range I am waiting on has been discontinued and they are sending what stock they have left.....damn!
I am always extremely nervous about starting a tapestry and not being able to source the yarns to finish it. I would hate to get halfway through and find that I need more cottons. I have dyed all the wools myself, so that is not a problem as I can duplicate these colours any time.
So I find myself unable to get a start on something that I thought I would have almost completed by now.
 New Journal
In anticipation of better weather and days spent outside sketching I have began a new journal. So far I have only drawn my palette and did some colour sample squares. Many of my good artist quality water colours had dried up in their tubes, so I have spent some time resurrecting them. More about that in another post. 


  1. I love wattles, can't grow the here. Your journal is great, what patience, I love looking at other artists sketchbooks and journals but never do my own.

  2. I love looking at others sketch books too!


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