Monday, April 8, 2013


 half way
April already, where is the time going? Autumn is really here, the days are quite beautiful but unfortunately it is still very dry as we have had no rain. Easter is the busiest time of the year here so there were lots of things to do. I managed to go to a few open studios over Easter, parts of the Grampians Arts Trail. Lots of very different work on display. It was well supported by visitors which is always a good thing. Tapestry wise there always seems to be as much planning as weaving. I have committed some of my time to work on the Canberra Centenary Community Tapestry. To coincide with the launch of the completed tapestry, there will be an exhibition of small tapestries, open to Australian and International tapestry artists. You can find the information about the exhibition here. I have an idea in mind for my tapestry so I need to get on with getting it down onto paper. Having completed my 'From the Mountains to the Sea' tapestry I really need to concentrate on trying to finish this poor tapestry. It has been on the loom for so long, put aside I don't know how many times to work on something else that had a deadline attached to the project. The gold threads are really difficult to weave with. They are so slippery and test my patients at times as they are also difficult to beat down. But I am determined to finish this tapestry before I begin another!        


  1. Beautiful, even unfinished; I like seeing process photos so to m y eyes it looks marvelous as it is..hope you get it done soon though since you are wanting too. Nice to discover your blog, too.

  2. Thanks Ginny, I hope to get it completed soon.


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