Monday, March 25, 2013


Akha Hill Tribe

I have finally finished off my tapestry for the 'From the Mountains to the Sea' exhibition. I spent too long trying to decide how I would approach the weaving for this tapestry. There are 7 rows of beads running horizontally and two rows running almost vertically. Small format has its limitations so rather than try to be too particular I decided to simplify the design. I was so inspired by an exhibition in Chaing Mai and took many photos thinking that I would use them at some time in the future for tapestry designs. When I received the details for this years AU/NZ exhibition I thought of one of the photos from my time in Thailand. It could be better described as 'From the Sea to the Mountains'  
from the mountains to the sea

The tapestry is 11.5 X 17.5 cm, just smaller than a postcard. Woven in cottons at 18 warps per 4cm or 11 epi. Unfortunately using all cotton for the weft makes it very difficult to photograph. Like many other tribal groups the Akha use cowrie shells to decorate their clothing. So what is the tapestry of?

It is a small detail of the woman's belt, along with beads and coins that jangle when you move. 
I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done? 


  1. Oh wow, beautiful! I like that you didn't do a 'literal' interpretation ;)

  2. Thanks Michelle! I hope you enjoyed all their cross stitch.

  3. On their costumes? They're gorgeous, so ornate it's mind-boggling!

  4. They are amazing Michelle. I admire the way they sew the pattern directly onto cloth. I bought a few odd textiles while I was away, Two bags that are cross stitch. Some hand spun hand woven textiles. A silk hand spun scarf dyed with natural dyes and an embroidered silk coat from Kashmir. I should take a few photos of them.


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