Saturday, December 8, 2012


Its too hot to go outside today temperatures are pushing  the high 30's C. Strong winds make the threat of bush fires not far from my mind. Total Fire Ban days will be common over the next few months. I have an old article probably from the late 1980's about Candice Bahouth's work in woven tapestry. At the time she had begun designing needle point kits for Ehrman's. I also have one of her books 'Medieval Needlepoint' a lovely book inspired by tapestries and Medieval Manuscripts. I find it interesting that tapestry weavers turn to needlepoint as well. Sara Swett  is doing some lovely canvas work, Michelle Threefold also works in needle point and tapestry. I can understand the attraction of having something more portable to work on.
Candice co authored a book with Kaffe Fassett on mosaics. It is a gorgeous book and at some point I would like to experiment with mosaic. I have been saving my broken willow pattern china and collecting the odd tiles. But having tendonitis I am not certain if I can cut the tiles. The second video plays through a bit fast but as always it is wonderful to see an artists creative process. 


  1. Yes, I love Candace Bahouth - thanks for posting, Deb!

    I find needlepoint far more meditative and relaxing than tapestry ... I confess I do it in front of the telly ;)

  2. Its great to see her working. LOVE her coat!


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