Friday, December 28, 2012


White Unicorn .:. Red Maiden from Trys Kelly on Vimeo.

I am certain that we all have a favorite colour that does not change that much the older we get. I suppose that mine must be red or a colour that has red in the mix somewhere as I am very fond of purple. My Mother disliked red with the same passion that it can represent. Why I don’t really know, but I can remember having to pass up anything that came in red for a more acceptable colour whenever I bought her a present. This is an interesting look at the representation of the colour red in the symbolism of the Unicorn and the Maiden.


MegWeaves said...

For most of my life I liked red but abhorred orange, even though I often lived in West-facing places and watched sunsets as part of my life. After living in Nelson, though, for ab out five years I've come to a) not mind it and b) like it. Now it's one of my fav colors and I try to sneak it into most of my purple weaving. I still can't figure it out, except that where I live and the colors I see influence my preferences.

When I visited China, for e.g., I understood why gold and scarlet was such a great combo in their light.

Debbie Herd said...

Hi Meg, I have come to like orange as well. I even have some orange clothes now. Maybe some colours grow on us. The Sadhus in India all dress in orange.

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