Thursday, August 23, 2012


Every two years the American Tapestry Alliance holds an open entry small format exhibition. I intended to enter and after much musing on the design brief, came up with a good entry. I decided to weave a tapestry as a response to the tragic tsunami that had devastated Japan. I had a really good strong design and title ’Tears for Japan’ The  loom warped and ready, then one morning I opened my i Google homepage to find this article on my news feed, I was just gutted and due to my convictions could not go on and weave the design. I suppose in a way it was a silly thing to do but I ‘binned’ the project and burnt the design. I think we live in a world of over exposure to tragedy and events soon become yesterday’s news. It has been wonderful to be able to see in such detail the entries here. Enjoy and next time the small format exhibition comes around, consider entering, I will be!  


  1. I wish be there… and really want to see all beautiful tapestries but I have sent only my work. Thank you so much for your upload!!!

  2. Great that you wove a tapestry for the exhibition! It is fantastic to see them.

  3. Wow, this was so neat. I had done a small tapestry and incorporated it into an oil painting that I'd done and thought...this is too strange. No one will dig this. But after seeing all the creative things other tapestry weavers are doing, I feel inspired to do another one! Thank you


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