Wednesday, June 27, 2012



How many artists struggle with colour at some point in time? The right dye mixture, correct drawing materials, the ever elusive right mixture of tones on your bobbins? I was delighted this morning to be alerted to these new essays posted on the American Tapestry Alliance website. Linda Rees asked the following questions to nine tapestry artists.

At what time in the process do you start working out the specific yarns to use? What helps you determine a palette, or what kinds of tools, do you use to make the decision? paints? chalk? commercial yarn samples? magazine clippings? photographs? scanning your supply? etc.

• Do you work with bundles of colors? And if so, do you have specific formulas you have worked out about the most effective rules for this, like analogous color or some other combination?

• At what point in the process might you consider the conventional tenets of color theory?

• Do you write your thoughts down or brainstorm on paper, or is the choice a purely empirical placement of yarns together, or an intuitive process as you go?

Patricia Armour, Karen Benjamin, Patricia Dunn, Marcia Ellis, Anna Kocherovsky, Margo MacDonald, Lynn Mayne, Inge Nørgaard and Becky Stevens. share their thoughts and approach to these questions here.

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