Thursday, May 24, 2012


The William Kentridge: Five Themes exhibition at ACMI closes on Sunday. I took the train to Melbourne yesterday to see the exhibition. While I was on the train I listened to this fantastic podcast where the artist talks about the exhibition. I had offered, well begged actually to take Coen with me as he is interested in drawing, but he protested and said that he would rather go to school. My sales pitch was that he should not miss the opportunity to go and that it would not come around again.’ Then you had better go was the answer’ I even tried to bribe him with delicious food at our favorite Lebanese Restaurant and some clothes shopping! Well I suppose that is a teenager for you. The exhibition? it just blew me away! What an incredible artist. I loved the large charcoal drawings, just beautiful. There were several rooms where they were screening his animations, some with 8 different short movies playing at the one time. It is not an exhibition that you can take in quickly, in fact there is so much going on it is a good idea to get a pass out, have a coffee and go back to take in some more. ‘Tide Table’ was my favorite short film. Stunning the way the waves break and beautiful drawings. I suppose I was more familiar with William Kentridge’s tapestries than his animated films. I have had the book on his tapestries for a few years now.

This short insight into making the tapestries is very interesting, loved the singing weavers.

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