Friday, April 27, 2012


I traveled to Ballarat last week for our Entwined group meeting to finalize the gallery application for our exhibition next year, only to find out that places for 2013 have already been allocated. To say that this was a disappointment to us would be an understatement. We have been regularly meeting, planning and working towards this exhibition for a year now. The reasons that we choose to apply to this gallery were that it is in an excellent location. The gallery is staffed so we don’t need to worry about having to be present during the time of the exhibition. It is a lovely gallery space and the staff would hang the exhibition. We were keen to have a curator hang the exhibition. They choose what to hang where depending on the merit of the work and what they think hangs well together. I have seen so many times before with groups who hang their own exhibitions, people clamoring for the prime positions, friendships have become strained to say the least! So now after the bitterness of the disappointment we are looking at alternative venues. I think that this has been a hard lesson in putting all your eggs in one basket and not having a backup plan in place. Even if places had not been already allocated there may have been a chance that our application had not been successful. With the global economy in such dire straits the arts as always become a luxury item. Many small galleries are closing and artist run co ops have difficulties in making ends meet. So plan B, C and D are now underway and we need to concentrate on making more tapestries!        
It seems like a long time now since I began weaving this tapestry. It has been on and off the agenda for ages as I have needed to complete other work. There is something about the colour yellow, some saturation's work well and others don’t. I have never considered myself really liking yellow, very much a red and purple girl. But after looking around the house I realized that I have only made two tapestries in the last 5 years that don’t feature yellow in them. The yellow in this tapestry SCREAMS yellow. I have un pulled it and rewoven it a few times now. Still not  liking what I see I think that I will go and pull it out yet again.


  1. What a disappointment!
    Maybe you should just go with the yellow and see what the surrounding colours do for it. I am a yellow fan although i don't use it much. I have been a quilter and it is hard to get good yellows there too.
    Look at it through a camera or one of those door security thingys, it can make a big difference.

  2. Hi Mary, yes it was a disappointment to find that they had allocated all the places for 2013 before the application deadline. But never mind we will find somewhere else. I am at the stage in the tapestry where I cannot build up any more shapes without putting in the yellow. Will get it sorted, it is just a bit too bright for me!


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