Monday, August 15, 2011


My friend Ruth mentioned yesterday that the National Gallery of Australia are holding a new retrospective exhibition of the artist Fred Williams. I was considering making the long trip to Canberra to see the exhibition but after searching on the internet this morning, I found that the exhibition will travel to Melbourne and Adelaide next year. Very tempting to just jump on the train and go, but maybe I should stay home and weave! Time will tell if I can wait till next year.


  1. Lucky you, Debbie! His landscapes are incredible.

    In 1987, I was visiting Sydney (from California) and joined the NSW weavers on a field trip to Canberra. They were going to see a big show of American art at the National Gallery but there just happened to be a Fred Williams retrospective there as well. It wasnt too long after he died I think. I was blown away! A little of his work has been shown here, but getting to see the breadth of it is a treat.

  2. Hi Merna,
    Lucky you as well to have seen his work.
    The Pilbra series are on display at Federation Square in Melbourne. I love his landscapes and when you travel in Australia you can SEE Fred Williams paintings everywhere.
    I have a documentary made just after he died and it shows footage of him out painting. The amazing thing is that he painted with his canvass upside down! Amazing really. The National Gallery bookshop do international book orders. If you love his work you may consider buying the catalogue. Debbie.


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