Friday, February 19, 2010


Victoria Valley
It feels odd to be spending this weekend at home as we have been out somewhere camping every weekend since the end of November! Only just last week we found a beautiful new place on the Mount William Creek not far from Halls Gap. It is difficult not to just feel like a gypsy after you get into the rhythm of being constantly on the move, and this is the first weekend that I am staying in one place....almost! This weekend is Grampians Texture a week of workshops here in the Grampians. Time for me to catch up with old friends and get my fill of creative spirit! We have been walking or bike riding almost every day, as I am trying to get fitter for our trip away. Plans for our holiday are a bit up in the air at the moment with forecast problems possible for Thailand. It is 5 weeks from today that Gerard and I had planned to go from Singapore by train into Thailand for two weeks. Things change but unrest is always uncertain. I have been a bit slack with some of my blog posts. But if you would like to read about our holiday in Tasmania, just scroll down a bit!

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