Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yesterday was the first day that I have walked in the Ironbarks Forest in months. We have had the flu here again, the second time in 3 months. Coen has been home from school more this term than he has been at school and is still not well. It was wonderful to feel the coming of spring with warm sunny days. The green hood orchids are out in flower now. Only growing to about 1 inch high, they are easy to miss amongst the litter on the forest floor. I was saddened to see that the mining company are doing exploratory work looking for gold in the forest. Although the forest was mined in the gold rush of the 1800's much of it has been taken back by mother nature.
Australia has many unique wildflowers that mainly bloom in spring. The slide show is a small sample of the flowers that grow in the forest beside my home.

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  1. Beautiful wildflowers and I like the slideshow possibility. Hope you and Coen are better now and ready for spring. It is still somewhat winter-like here although days are warming up and bulbs are beginning to flower.

  2. Hi Ruth, nice to hear from you. The forest is beginning to spring into life, but the mining is a worry. Coen is slowly getting better, but Tess the dog has had a nice time with him UNDER THE DOONA! Debbie.


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